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[ PocketREC ] +++ PocketREC is now fully video enabled!   Record, cut and send your videos as easy as your audio while your are on the go... come & have a look!!! +++                                                          +++ "PocketREC is the perfect solution for today's converging journalism" +++
The PocketREC Broadcast Edition software turns a standard PocketPC into a powerful, professional Digital Audio and Video Workstation. All steps in the workflow of Electronic News Gathering have been implemented into a multifunctional, integrated, leightweight and easy to use handheld solution.
PocketREC substitutes all parts of a traditional news reporter kit: mindidisk + notebook + mobile phone + camera.
PocketREC does not only enable a drastic raise in the content collection and editing efficiency - i.e. the entire production process - but also in enabling direct, wireless transfer of the content back to the station using latest codec technologies: "BE 1st ON AIR."
PocketREC turns a standard PocketPC phone into the one powerful news gathering tool which every journalist has waited for:
  • Record high quality audio & video;
  • Cut and edit on the go;
  • Attach metadata like title, author, storyboard;
  • Quickly file everything wirelessly back to the station.

Benefits for:
Journalists and
Station Operation and
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