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[ PocketREC ] +++ PocketREC is now fully video enabled!   Record, cut and send your videos as easy as your audio while your are on the go... come & have a look!!! +++                                                          +++ "PocketREC is the perfect solution for today's converging journalism" +++
PocketREC® Full Broadcast Edition
The PocketREC Full Broadcast Edition software has been designed for the individual needs of todays field journalists and correspondents - providing a powerful and intuitive to handle solution to cover all tasks of their daily job on a lightweight PocketPC Phone device. All content - audio, video, images, text, etc. - can be recorded, edited and transferred directly filed from the field: "You're always 1st on air!"
PocketREC Full Broadcast Edition has been optimized to your existing workflow and consists of the following, intuitive to handle modules:
  • PocketREC - professional audio & video recorder
    ...for easy and efficent recording in the field;
  • PocketMANAGER - content manager
    ...integrates audio, text, image and video content etc.;
  • PocketCUT - news audio & video editor
    ...finishing the cut while still being in the field;
  • PocketTRANS - wizard for easy uploading
    ...for the fastest content delivery ever;
...into your existing broadcast automation system either directly or via the highly optimized PocketREC Server Platform - making your existing systems ready for the upcoming demands of a converging broadcast market.
A PocketREC Full Broadcast Edition solution combines all parts of the traditional news reporter equipment - minidisk, notebook, camera, mobile phone - by a single, lightweight device. "Don't risk missing the story of your life - your mobile phone with PocketREC on it is always in your pocket!"
For more information on the individual PocketREC modules that are part of the Full Broadcast Edition, please click below:




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